Most mobile apps can be installed from the App Store or Android Market. However, your app idea may be an internal app used by your employees only. FARRAGUT can help develop custom mobile apps that meet your organization's particular needs.


Apple provides two mechanisms to support custom enterprise apps.

The App Store Volume Purchase Program= provides a special web site for businesses to purchase apps in volume. Apps are reviewed by Apple, but custom branding and configuration is allowed.

The iOS Developer Enterprise Program allows a company to develop proprietary, in-house apps that are distributed internally (not through the App Store). Apps are not submitted to Apple for review, and installation is controlled by the company.


There is currently no enterprise program. Only apps downloaded from the Android Market can be installed on the device unless a simple setting on Android devices is enabled to allow installing apps outside the market. Once this setting is enabled, an enterprise app can be installed from any source (such as a corporate intranet).

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Enterprise Application

Are you still collecting client information with a pen and paper? Do you find yourself quickly scribbling notes so you can maintain the conversation flow? Do you feel like you are forced to compromise between building a relationship or collecting the detailed data needed to assess underwriting risk?


Brightleaf, an iPad app, helps strip out the stress and ramp up the productivity of in-the-field meetings. The end result? Fewer errors and omissions, stronger relationships, more business—all accomplished with less time and effort.

Before you even meet a client (or a potential client), you can begin to populate the app. Once you enter an address, Brightleaf automatically downloads GIS information such as a bird’s eye view of the property plus any available 3D views of structures (depending on availability).


You can then—with just a tap of the finger—switch between the map and details views of the property information page to enter risk information. In the map view, for example, you can drop or drag a pin to update the property location, add property boundaries and add and edit structures. You can even add photos and associate them with a specific location or structure.


Once you add a structure, you can enter risk characteristics. Brightleaf’s intuitive easy-to-navigate approach—based on standard industry worksheets—helps you very easily collect details.

After the risk characteristics are entered, you can submit the data to a rating engine and receive replacement costs in real time—taking customer service to a whole new level.


Following your client meeting, you can upload the information you captured into a new risk application and effortlessly submit it to your home office.

Enterprise Application
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